ZTE six new Android phones released in India

Few years back Chinese phones had names NOKAI, BlackCherry or an I phone. Now, big Chinese phone makers have entered Indian markets for competing with low-cost Indian phones.

It was Huawei which was famous Chinese brand in India, recently even ZTE has been gaining momentum. Expanding its market ZTE has announced six new smartphones in India. All the phones are come under low and mid range smartphones having a range Rs 5,000 – Rs 15,000. All the phones are powered by Android 4.1 OS.

ZTE android phones

The phones were launched under Grand, Blade and Kis series.


The series has mid-range smartphones and the phone maker has launched ZTE Grand X, which is a 5-inch HD screen phone clocked at 1.2GHz quad-core processor and a 1GB RAM. It costs Rs 14,999 and is the costliest of all the phones released.


ZTE Blade L is another mid-range smartphone which is available for Rs 12,599. The 5-inch smartphone runs with 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM.
ZTE Blade E is another phone released in this series and is almost similarly configured as Blade L, leaving the screen which is 4.5 inch size, 512 MB RAM, and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It costs Rs 11,999.

ZTE Blade C, is the low-budget smartphone released for Rs 7,599. The phone has a decent 4-inch screen, 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM.

ZTE Blade G2 is another in this series prices at Rs 11,599.

ZTE android phones

Kis series

ZTE Kis Flex is the cheapest of all the phones released and costs Rs 5,799. It has a 3.5-inch screen along with a 1GHz processor and 256 MB RAM.