Moser Light- Lightening Million of Lives

If you think poverty, low power facilities are reasons which deny you your basic rights. Then you must read the story of Alfredo Moser. The Brazilian mechanic has thought of the most simple idea which has become a great revolution changing lives all over the world.

The idea of Alfredo Moser was to use plastic bottles filled with water to provide sunlight to poor people devoid of lighting facilities. The concept behind it is very well known to all of us, Diffraction.


Every one of us would have played with plastic items such as scale or a bottle to view different colours obtained when placed under sunlight. The science behind it is the diffraction. Due to reduce in speed of light travelling in a denser medium, their paths get scattered changing their direction to wider angles. This was used by Moser and provided light for his room during the day time.

Experimenting his invention, Moser continued to enhance his product by adding bleach to the water so that there is no algae formation, and some polyester resin around the bottle which saves the roof from leaking.

Moser light in a shop

Started in the year 2002, ‘Moser Light’ was installed in almost a million houses across Brazil, Phillipines, Bangladesh, India, Argentina, and Fiji.¬†

UN has mentioned this project as ‘A Liter of Light’ which is believed to help poor people all over the world, because the invention is…..

  • Completely zero or meager cost.
  • completely eco-friendly and has Zero co2 emission.
  • Raw material, a plastic bottle is available in every part of the world ( Thanks to our negligence).
  • almost equal to a normal bulb, ‘Moser Light’ recorded 40 to 60 watt of energy during proper sunlight.

The capacity of such an invention is very huge as electricity is a high priced commodity to millions of people all over the world, and such a solution will definitely brighten their lives.

moser light in a house


May not get a Noble prize but it is sure that ‘ Moser Light’ will change lives in many parts of the world. Check this for the UN report.

moser light campaign