RRAM technology ready to replace DRAM and Flash memory

RRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) a new type of memory made by the chip manufacturer company CROSSBAR. The RRAM is special in every aspect of a memory chip.


The company claims the RAM to be a nonvolatile memory, which will be smaller, faster and more power-efficient than NAND flash and RAM, said George Minassian, CEO of Crossbar

Few highlights mentioned about RRAM…….

  • 20 times faster write performance.
  • 20 times less power consumption.
  • More durable than DRAM
  • Unique storage mechanism, which makes a 1 TB RRAM half the size of 1 TB DRAM.

Unlike NAND flash, RRAM does not use transistors or trap a charge. Instead it uses a layered approach to store data.

An RRAM cell has three layers, with a switch in the middle that helps determines whether the cell is storing a 1 or a 0. The top layer has a metallic electrode, while the lower layer has a nonmetallic electrode. The top layer passes metal ions into the switching media and the lower layer, which creates a filament to keep the electrodes connected, what Minassian called a “short wire.” Applying a negative charge breaks the wire and leaves a gap between the electrodes, which leaves no resistance, changing the status of the memory cell.


RRAM is still under manufacturing process, and the company is yet to patent the technology. So, we can estimate a good two or three years to get the RAM on one of our electronic devices. The usgae of 3D NAND technology is highly essential to lower the costs of manufacturing these chips. manufacturing smaller chips require ore work and focused processing.

“With that in mind, and with the advent of 3D NAND as a successor to today’s planar NAND, there may be another five process generations, or even more, before alternative memory technologies have a shot at replacing NAND flash. The story’s probably the same for DRAM,” Handy said.

The research and development of RRAM is still under process, and this looks to be a strong competitor to replace the existing DRAM.